Akufo Addo planning to burn Ghana – Military Officer

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A Military Officer who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Akufo Addo and the NPP are planning to destabilize Ghana during the Dec 7th elections if things did not go their way.

On the elections day, the officer disclosed, many security details like the Police and the Military will not have their insignias, including any other identification item on them.

He noted that these nameless and compromised officers are to facilitate all electoral processes in favour of the ruling govt and create mayhem at the least opposition or provocation especially in NDC strong holds.

He indicated that the deployment of these Police and Military personnel will not follow the normal troup deployment procedures due to the nature of the operations, adding that the aim of this move is to help Jean Mensah to rig the election in favour of the NPP.

He lamented that govt will deploy personnel with unquestionable allegiance to the NPP, personnel who’re known NPP card bearing members and vigilante thugs who were secretly recruited and coopted into the security network after coming into office.

The officer added that National Security and BNI will openly display their ID cards to show that they were detailed at such polling stations but their job is to facilitate any evil assignment the govt planned to execute at each of these polling stations.

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