Akufo Addo has failed let’s vote him out- GUM Flag bearer

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The Flag bearer of Ghana Union Movement Christian Kwabena Andrew has under scored the need for Ghanaians to change this Nana Addo led government in the December general elections.

According to the leader of this fast trending political party, all the numerous promises made during 2016 electioneering campaign by then biggest opposition party, NPP have failed woefully.

Speaking in an interview with the media over the weekend, Christian Kwabena Andrew itemised some of the failed programs like one million dollars per constituency has not seen any realisation at the constituency level as promised.

Touching on Railway industry as Nana promised to revamp it, he said that one too has not seen any improvement but rather continuous derailed causing accidents on some so called newly constructed rail lines.
He said the accidents by these trains are clear manifestation of shoddy work done in their quest to revamp the industry and calls for the arrest of the railway line testing officers immediately.

On Free SHS, he said lack of proper planning and wrong timing has characterized the project with many challenges causing massive fail in the educational sector. On operation stop illegal mining is now being done secretly by those in authority and those with highest bidding muscles leaving those who cannot afford to pay huge sums of money to go home with his or her family to sleep on empty stomach. He insisted, this Akufo Addo led administration has to be voted out because they have failed to live up to the expectation in terms of implementing their policies despite promising the good people of Ghana during the 2016 elections including a failed one village one dam, one district one factory.
He said a party that promised vehemently that when voted in to power it would do everything possible to arrest the dollar just for us to get a stabilised economy has now turned to be a scammed, even a failed referendum just worsened the credibility of this current administration.

He concluded by admonishing Ghanaians to vote massively for Ghana Union Movement (GUM) for real development.

Source: News Desk

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