Adabraka Polyclinic Doctors Abandon Duty for Private Businesses

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Patients waiting to see a doctor

Patients at the adabraka polyclinic in the Greater Accra Region could not hide their frustration over the cause of delay to see a doctor.

Patients at the outpatient department (OPD) had to wait for hours before been directed to a particular consulting room to see a doctor.

The situation over there is perilous as doctors abandoned their posts to run their private clinics according to our investigations.

At the time of visit to the facility by, patients were looking frustrated over the number of hours they spent at the health facility.

Our checks had it that only one doctor was available to cater for over 20 patients who were in the queue.

Some patients who spoke to this portal on condition of anonymity said they came to see a doctor in the morning and had to wait till 4:00pm before they were attended to. source at the administration department says most of the doctors have their private clinics and only come to public health facility late in the day to attend to patients and emergency cases.

“This has been the practice here since they have their private clinics and they see that as their priority “, our source said.

While some patients demanded to leave since there was no doctor to take care of them, nurses on duty managed to contained them until one doctor showed up.

Authorities need to seat up since these bad behaviours could lead to death.

Public health facilities have been criticized by citizenry due to such attitudes by doctors who ended up referring some patients to their private facilities for proper attention and service.

They intentionally suppressed patients at the public health facilities thereby making health care delivery at those centres ineffective.


1 thought on “Adabraka Polyclinic Doctors Abandon Duty for Private Businesses

  1. This is exaggerated…
    I have been attending this hospital since 20years.
    It is one of the fastest hospitals in terms of waiting time for the public health facilities…
    Went there last week at 8am and by 10:30am I was back to work.
    Went for review today and by 9am, I was back to work.
    Occasionally there are delays that the nurses on duty would have to come and explain to us why the delay.
    One such example was a day that I went and they brought about 7 SHS students as emergencies.
    Two out of the three doctors on morning Duty had to leave to go and attend to the emergencies and that caused us to delay but that was explained to us so we understood.

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