Abladjei Akrowa Council, Family Head Clash Over Piece of Land

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Family of Abladjei Akrowa, natives of Teshie in the Greater Accra Region are in a serious battle with their immediate family head, Mallam Issah Ahia over their land.

Some of the members of the newly formed Abladjei Executive Council are raising concerns over their acres of lands which were sold to some estate developers for more than two decades.

The Executive Council has accused Mallam Issah of insubordination and acting against the rules of the Executive Council.

At a press conference held on Friday at the family village, Abladjei, a town located in the Ga East Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, the Secretary of the Council, Mr. Jacob Adjetey Amporfro says their 600 acres of land have been enchroached on by private developers.

According to him, Mallam Issah Ahia has been conniving with private developers namely; AFIT Nationwide Building Society and Keda-Noda Development Limited to sell off their lands without recourse to the family and the Council.

According to them, the over 90 years old Mallam Issah Ahia has given his power of attorney to his grandson, Isaac Ablorh Sowah to act on his behalf without the knowledge of the Executive Council.

The aggrieved family members have accused the said Isaac Ablorh Sowah of illegally selling off their lands and using landguards to terrorize residents in the areas.

The Executive Council therefore urged the two private developers to desist from dealing with Mallam Issah and Isaac Ablorh Sowah in any land business since Mallam Issah has ceased to be the family head.

Meanwhile, our checks from AFIT Nationwide Building Society and Keda-Noda proved that those lands were legitimately acquired by the developers in 1992 and 1993.

Both developers are calling for survey to be done on those lands for the purpose of collecting ground fee for the family.

Source: News Desk

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