A Childhood Dream of Bathing on a Flight, Fulfilled

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I have wondered why a bathroom in the air , will be a prerequisite or a necessity to a president before he flies. If not for a childhood dream.

I wonder if the president feels for the ordinary Ghanaian. What happens on the flight that he desperately needs to shower before meeting dignitaries when he alight ?

Does our president smoke ? Smoke is easily gives people up. It is something you can’t hide. Your cloth and breath will give u up easily , the only saviour at that point may be a good bath and a nice perfume.

Does our president engage in sex on flight ? I doubt this !!! With the age of our president , this will not be the time to be engaging in sexual pleasures that will take him as far as having sex on flight ,so close to heaven. Anyway , it can’t be ruled out since people believe power is an aphrodisiac.

Is it for his sleeping pleasure? Obviously a comfortable 8 hour sleep will call for a warm shower, but I will be disappointed if he slept all these while and couldn’t complement our money by staying awake during the summit.

The reasons the NPP members give for unpardonable expenditures , makes one wonder if they take citizens for fools .

In these hardship that we find ourselves in ,why can’t the president be penny wise?

The NPP can really be audacious to tell us rubbish !!! The impudence !!!

With this waste and foolish ostentation, we can’t demonstrate , we can’t speak out against such stupid responses ? We can’t demand for the protection of the public purse? We will soon hit the streets for them to decide if the law was made for man or man for the law .

The way I am angry , the best thing is to end here , and prepare for the better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

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