15 ways to make your wife enjoy being a wife

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Many men want a good wife yet they don’t set up the right conditions for a wife to be her best. These are some simple ways to make her the best Queen:

1. “Marry her”
Don’t just take a woman and live with her in a come we stay union in the name of love. Marry her. Make her your wife. Women love better when they know where they stand and have security.

2. “Appreciate her effort”
She does a lot to keep the home well governed. Notice her efforts. Tell her thank you. Compliment her on how she does it so well.

3. “Help her out”
Don’t pile all the chores on her. Offer your help. Make the bed, clean up after yourself, cook with her, lift up the heavy stuff, do the shopping. Don’t even wait for her to ask you. The more help she will get, the more she will do for the family.

4. “Pamper her”
Sometimes insist that she does nothing but relax so that you serve her love. Make her a cup of tea, massage her, take her out on a date. Give her a chance to breathe.

5. “Attend to her emotional needs”
Listen to her, hear her out. Check if she’s OK, improve where she requests you to improve. A woman doesn’t nag in a vacuum. Her nagging is because her emotional needs are not being met. A loved up woman doesn’t nag.

6. “Make time for her”
Why should she live like a single woman yet she has a husband? Make time for her. No married woman should suffer in loneliness.

7. “Ask for her opinion”
Don’t make decisions without involving her. This makes her feel left out. You two are one.

8. “Participate in domestic matters”
A lot of husbands are missing in action in matters at home. They don’t show any interest yet they are the head. This is not how to lead your family.

9. “Meet her sexual needs”
When a woman is horny, she is really horny. Don’t let her go about her day in sexual frustration. Release her built up sexual tension. She will glow more.

10. “Understand when she is tired”
She is not a robot. She does get tired. When you see her exhausted, cuddle her, let her rest. She’ll feel much better with your care.

11. “Do parenthood with her”
Fatherhood is not just about paying bills and school fees. It is about taking care of your wife when pregnant, spending time with the children, playing with the kids, doing homework with the kids. This is what makes a married women enjoy having a family.

12. “Make her laugh”
Women want to be with a man that makes them happy and laugh. Let the house be full of laughter. Be fun, joke. She will enjoy waking up to be a wife.

13. “Be a problem solver”
Offer solutions. Make her feel safe you are around because with you around, you two can handle whatever issue.

14. “Call out her beauty”
Look at her with desiring eyes. Praise her boobs, butt, hips, thighs and nipples. Make her feel wanted. You get to see her naked, make her feel good about her vagina, stretch marks, body shape. Her body is all yours.

15. “Talk with her not at her”
Don’t talk down at her or order her around. Don’t look down on her. If you look down on her she will grow cold and defensive. You are in this together. Show her respect.

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