School of Hygiene students demand restoration of allowances

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Some of the students calling for the restoration of allowances

Students of the Tamale School of Hygiene have renewed calls for the restoration of their allowances.

They are unhappy about government’s silence on their allowances even though it has restored the allowances of their peers in other health institutions.

They made the demand during the school’s matriculation of 170 students comprising first and second years.

“Government has not been fair to us since the allowances of our colleagues in the various nurse and teacher training colleges have been restored.”

The students insisted that “despite the fact that school of hygiene students embarked on a demonstration recently to drum home our grievances, the government still has not attended to our needs.”

One of them, Miss Rachel Amoah said the school needed additional toilet facilities.

“We want more toilet facilities to be constructed so as to ease the pressure on the three-seater toilet facility we have as well as reduce the rate of infection among the females.”

Principal of the Tamale School of Hygiene, Bello Seiwu backed the students call for the restoration of the allowances.

“Consider paying students of the school some allowances like their counterparts in the nursing training colleges.”

“The lack of payment of the allowance to students and jobs for those who complete school is affecting enrolment levels as many parents are beginning to lose interest in enrolling their wards.”

He mentioned encroachment on the school land and the dilapidated state of the students’ two-storey hostel building as some of the major challenges that require attention.

According to him, the school also lacked a befitting laboratory.

“The school currently lacks a laboratory for skills training, a requirement that is mandatory for all students doing certificate and diploma programmes.”

“Despite the availability of modern laboratory equipment donated to the school by the Netherlands Government recently, there is no suitable space or designated laboratory facility to set up the equipment for training purposes.”


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