Hassan Ayarig Calls For The Head Of Ga East

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The Founder of the All People’s Congress [APC] party, Dr. Hassan Ayariga, has called on President Akufo-Addo to fire the Municipal Chief Executive [MCE] of the Ga East Municipal Assembly, hon.  Janet Tulasi Mensah.

Briefing newsmen in Accra yesterday, the APC Founder was of the view that the MCE has abused the mandate of her office by engaging in illegal demolition of private   properties   of individuals with support of the police and military.

Below is the full content of the press release read by Dr. Hassan Ayariga during the press briefing at his party’s head office in Accra.


Ladies and gentlemen of the media, Friends of Dr. Hassan Ayariga, affected property owners, fellow citizens, good morning.

We are here today to register our displeasure and our outcry to Ghana and the world for the inhuman behavior and attitude of Hon. Janet Tulasi Mensah the MCE of the Ga East municipal, the Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Joshua Adams Asihene, task force of the Abokobi municipal Assembly, certain units of the Ghana Armed forces and Ghana Policemen.

On Saturday the 25th of August, 2018, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Ga East, Hon. Janet Tulasi Mensah, without obtaining a valid court order to demolish private property, led military and police personnel to demolish certain private properties of innocent Ghanaians in the municipality, including one owned by Dr Hassan Ayariga. She was supported by Capt Yaw Adu Adjei of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) who organized over 30 military personnel while the Municipal Security Council also mobilized over 40 personnel of the Ghana Police Service.

The exercise, which started at dawn on Saturday, at 3am involved the razing down of Dr. Ayariga two and half Acres fence wall of 12 feet high, a foundation of a security post and houses including structures of many innocent citizens. All these happened under the watchful eyes of the Hon. MCE Janet Mensah, the Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Joshua Adams Asihene and members of the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC)


  1. Abuse of Security Agencies

The security agencies in helping the diabolic plots of the MCE and her sponsors have resorted to gross abuse of power. They have used excessive force against workers; the landlords and ladies on the site without provocation. This is unbecoming in a democratic state like Ghana. The president must act immediately. The forces he commands are being used as land guards to chase the very civilians they are to protect. This is unacceptable. The Inspector General of Police must immediately control how irresponsible political office holders use our policemen.


The heavy joint military men and police team present beat and threatened to kill anyone who took pictures or interfere with the exercise. MUSEC and the MCE abused their Mandate, and used the army and the police to terrorize citizens who have legally acquired their properties and lands.


  1. Abuse of Power and Witch Hunting.

Ladies and gentlemen, the manner of demolition carried out by the assembly under the supervision of the MCE is a clear abuse of POLITICAL POWER and WITCH HUNTING. The fact that one does not belong to the ruling party should not render that person a “persona non grata”. We are citizens. The MCE is not on top of issues in her jurisdiction. What crime have citizens who bought parcels of land to put up residences to secure themselves commit? Who compensates us? This is very strange.


There were no reasons or Pre notices given to the affected people and Dr. Hassan Ayariga by Hon. Janet Mensah or the Assembly. We want to remind Hon. Janet Mensah that, the mandate of the Assembly is not to discourage development or use the Assembly for her personal demolition exercise. The Assembly’s mandate is to encourage development and issue out permits for developmental purposes.


  1. Selective Demolition.

Hon. Janet Mensah carried out a SELECTIVE demolition exercise, saying that some lands were PROTOCOL lands. Members of the Ga East Assembly, Nii Odai Tettey and Kwame Johnson Kornyafe who Sold out Government lands to some of the developers and equally issued out permits to them, surprisingly led the team to demolish those structures again. What an irony. Assembly members are engaged in selling of Government lands to Friends and relatives with impunity.


The Assembly did nothing about these illegalities but found it convenient to come and demolish targeted properties, the actions of the Assembly in this matter amounts to lawlessness and corruption. There is complete ignorance in their way of going about these issues. The Municipal Security Council has lost intelligence in dealing with the issues. Our homes have been destroyed with unbelievable wickedness. Law abiding citizens’ properties were demolished despite all documents covering the projects being intact.


  1. Conflict of Interest.

Let me Quote Hon Janet Tulasi Mensah whilst addressing the media,


“ Hon Janet Tulasi Mensah disclosed that the Assembly was liaising with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission GAEC to acquire a parcel of their lands to construct a Waste Transfer Station and water Retention Basin separately to address the flooding situation in the municipality.”


This is conflict of interest rather than protecting government lands as she claimed. Hon Janet demolished innocent citizens properties for her personal interest. Ghanaians are going through economic hardships, many of the affected landlords and landladies are in serious shock. Some of them have been hospitalized and others are traumatized .


  1. Violation of the Constitution

Hon Janet Mensah has abused her powers and her outfit. She, including the coordinating Director, Mr. Adams have disgraced the Municipal Assembly. The behavior of Hon Tulasi Mensah is a clear violation of the mandate and constitution of the Assembly. We can’t be intimidated by the people in power. The  President of the republic is a law abiding citizen and should not allow any of his appointees or party members to tarnish his government or use their office for witch hunting or personal gains.


Firstly, We are therefore Calling on President Nana Akuffo Addo to Revoke the appointment of Hon Janet Tulasi Mensah as Ga East Municipal Chief Executive officer.

Secondly, We are also calling on the Defense Minister Hon Dominic Nitiwul to investigate and call to book all the military personnel who were deployed to Harass and intimidate landlords and landladies. Because his military men were used as land guards.

Thirdly we are also calling on the interior Minister Hon Ambrose Derry to sanction Policemen who were also used as land guards in that exercise too.

Lastly, we are also calling on the immediate dissolution of the current Municipal Security Council and a formation of an independent minded members who have qualified experience to manage security matter without being biased.


The President must call some of his appointees to order, because they are Acting with impunity and abusing their political office without recourse to the laws of our country.


Injustice Against Hassan Ayariga and Innocent Citizens must STOP🖐


Story: Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

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