Zongo Youth Angry With NPP’s Nasara Coordinator

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The National Nasara Coordinator ,Mr. Aziz Futa has incurred the wrath of the Zongo youth.

The youth have vented their anger on the Nasara top man for the failure of the NPP government to create jobs for the people.

To some of them who spoke to this portal, said they were made to understand that there was a ready job for them when NPP wins the elections.

This, according to them was a total scam by the Nasara team and has since decline answering any ones call after winning the Nasara contest.

They have threatened to teach the ruling NPP lessons come 2020 elections.

One could note that as part of the President shambolic tactics to make NPP attractive to the people of Zongo, created Ministry for Inner Cities and Zongo Development.

But the Ministry has turned out to be a “job for the boys” since it can not point out a single developmental project executed since it was created some few years ago .

With the growing number of youth unemployment in the country, Zongo youth have called on President Akufo Addo to change his way of governing the country.

They mentioned that too many corruption under the NPP administration and could make a ripple effect on the voter choice in 2020.

By: Joe Jackson

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