Wangara Gay Chief Resurfaces In America

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A renegade youth chief of the Wangara Community of Nima, Chief Hedil Mohammed who has been on the run since 2014 has resurfaced in the U.S.A

Sources closed to his family revealed to this reporter that Chief Hedil Mohammed popularly called Oshoduro was spotted in the American state of New York where he is seeking for an asylum.

Chief Hedil Mohammed, who inherited the throne upon the death of his father in 2013, was caught having same sex intercourse with his partner in June2014 in the palace.A mob angered by the Chief’s act started beating him and his partner mercilessly. Upon sensing danger, the partner tried to escape from the mob but luck eluded him as he was shot and killed on the spot by a member of the mob.

All attention then turned on the dead person and as a result Chief Hedil succeeded in escaping through the back window of the door. He was pursued aggressively by the mob but was fortunate to be rescued by a motor rider who happened to be his [Chief Hedil’s] dispatch rider.

Homosexuality is an act totally frowned up both by Islam as a religion and the constitution of Ghana. It is seen as a great sin in the sight of Allah, the Almighty.

A follow up by this reporter to the residence of the runaway chief at Nima, a suburb Accra, confirmed the story.

A sister to the chief who pleaded for anonymity told the reporter that her runaway brother recently called to informed the family of his where about.

She was of the view that gayism even though outlawed by Islam their religion and Ghana as a state; she was happy her brother was able to escape from his pursuers and is still alive.

‘’ Our family do not support gay practice in any manner but we cannot server ties with our brother simply because he was caught in that manner’’ she indicated.

She further explained that the family never knew of her brother’s involvement with gays until that faithful day of May 2014 when he was caught red handed.  We were all shocked at the incident as to how a chief and for that matter the leader of the Muslim youth would be involved in such an evil act, she quizzed.

She further explained that the exposure of her brother’s evil act augment his numerous excuses to the elders and family members anytime he was asked to pick a wife for marriage. He kept on given excuses upon excuses to the elders who weren’t happy at the situation’’.

On the day that he was caught with his gay partner in the palace, luck eluded his partner who tried to escape from the angry mob and was gunned down and killed on the spot while my brother was lucky enough to escape through the back door of the palace

He was however seen by someone as he tried to escape and the person raised an alarm. He was given a hot chase by the mob but luck was on his side as he was picked by a motor rider who came to his rescue.

His pursuers tried to shot the back tyre of the motor bike in order to curtail the movement of the motor bike, but unfortunately the bullet hit the left shoulder of my brother. Eventually the motor rider was able to escape with my brother from the angry mob where he was taken to a hospital [name withheld for security reasons] for treatment.

Whilst at the hospital receiving treatment, he called home to explain to us how he managed to escape and apologized to the family for forgiveness for the shame he had brought on us and throne at large.

Responding to a question on whether the runaway Chief has been forgiven by the family after the apology, the sister said that he is still our own and as such we have no option than to forgive and pray for him.

But she was quick to add that majority of the people including some family members, elders in council and friends of Chief Hedil have still not forgiven him for the disgrace and shame he had brought to the community, religion and throne respectively.

On why didn’t they report the matter to the police as it involved death, the sister pointed out that gay practice is against the Ghanaian law and for that matter they have no case hence the reason to remain mute on the matter.

Homosexuality is totally frowned upon in the Muslim and African society as it is seen as a great sin against Allah and Islam respectively.

Answering to a question of whether she prefers her brother to return to Ghana anywhere soon, the sister said that the whole family would like the brother to remain in America where she is hopeful his life is safe and secure

She cautioned her brother to be mindful of the people he mingles with in America in other not for them to expose him as it happened to him whilst in South Africa where he first run to after his hidden gay activities were exposed.

She said whilst in South Africa`, the elders got wind of his where about and secretly sent some assassins after him and it was only God the Almighty that saved him from those assassins. My brother would have been dead by now, a situation that compelled him to change location to the U.S.A, where he is currently residing

On how did her brother fled Ghana as he wasn’t haven a travelling visa at the time of the incident, she noted that her brother was able to flee the shores of Ghana through the illegal way. He was linked to a South African bound ferry at the Port of Tema, in the Greater Accra Region by the same motor bike dispatch rider who rescued him from the angry mob.

Should he be returned to Ghana, his life will be in great danger as the elders and the angry youth are still bent on carrying out their evil plan against him anytime and anywhere he will be seen?

The Hedil family is vulnerable to defend our own and as such we prefer he remains in the American state instead of been here where we know of the faith that awaits him.

Chief Hedil who has been on the throne since 2013 after the demise of his father, has been on the run since 2014 and he’s still been sought after by his people to atone for his evil deeds which according to them has brought shame to the Wangara people and the community at large


Story: Mohammed Saani Ibrahim

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