US Citizen, Chief to Sue Accra Regional Police Command

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America Queen Mother Naa, Adarku Mansah 1 known in Private Life as Graciela Marie Blackstone, has Called on the President of the Republic of Ghana H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo and the acting Inspector General of Police Mr. Patrick Boanuh to carry out an independent investigation into the shooting  at the Oblieman Chief’s Palace and to also bring the culprits to book immediately.  

I want to make it clear to the attackers that no one is bigger than the laws of the country, if you think you have the backing of the police to manipulate the justice system then it’s joke this time round.   

You must be reminded that if you shoot Innocent ghanaian civilian or the American Queen Mother’s Palace , You had shoot at America.   

Mind you the American government will take this matter to the highest level if the Ghana Police doesn’t do their Job  properly.

I am very sad about the incidence that occurred at my palace where some unscrupulous individuals been sponsored to attack my chief and his elders in their own Palace and instead of the police to savage the situation and protect the young King who is keen to bringing many developments to the entire  Ga state , the police rather circumvented, orchestrated the whole case and turned the victim into suspect in the case. 

Some police officers are painting a very bad image to the Ghana police service internationally which one can conclude clearly that the police were highly paid and influenced by the notorious land guard who is very well known for paying his ways through the security agencies to deprive innocent people of their properties and monies.

Barely 14 days prior to Ga Homowo festival which the Queen mother was supposed to visit her Kingdom and one of the villages under the Abola Piam Tunnmaa We Royal Dynasty the attack was carried out.

The Palace and Young King, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka 1 and his council of elders were attacked by a terrorist group led by One Adamu Abdul Hamid a.k.a staff, a Burkina-be.

The Young King had several court  judgements over disputed lands across the district and this had led to his encroachers and oppositions rising heavily against him as it was alarmed that the young king  was going for demolishing order to demolish buildings and structures put up by the losers  in his Court cases.

The Queen Mother of Oblieman and also on behalf of Abola Piam Tunnmmaa royal dynasty has stressed the case had been reported to the white house and serious measures will be taken.

The American government on International Affairs Office and Human Rights Commission and African American Commissioners have joined in the case to make so whoever is found culpable is dealt with according to the laws of the land.

May I also state clearly here that I have been working with the Young King for the Past 3 years to Bring Jobs and massive development to the people of the entire Ga state and Ghana as a whole which the thousands of citizens will benefit from.  

Graceila Marie Blackstone

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