The hidden truths about PIZZA

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‘’A large circle of flat bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat and vegetables spread on top’’ – PIZZA

Often associated with Italians, pizza is one amazing meal or should we call it a snack that is enjoyed worldwide. Many take it as a snack or dessert while others munch on it as their main meal often accompanied with a drink. In Ghana, pizza is more or less a student’s most cherished meal or a family’s deviation from the regular staples. It is mostly assumed that those who buy pizza’s are the rich or wealthy. Pizza’s come in different packaging with tasty recipes and are often garnished with various toppings and flavours. No matter the kind of pizza you order, be sure to have a wonderful experience of munching. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service reveals the hidden truths about Pizza.

P – palatable

Of course pizza’s are palatable. The mere sight of it makes you want to bite into it. You may know it’s pizza by it’s packaging but just when you open it, your whole being accepts that it is great. The truth is, not all pizza’s are great and although different pizza makers present various tastes, it’s palatability makes it one of the world’s favourite meals.

I – International

Which country doesn’t have pizza? The reach of pizza worldwide makes it an international commodity. In every country worldwide, there is pizza. This means that pizza lovers can travel anywhere in the world and still enjoy their pizza. The quality and taste may differ from country to country but certain international pizza brands have the same recipe worldwide. What you get in Ghana is the same as what you get in New York or Thailand. Pizza is international!

Z – zesty

The different combinations of colours make pizza’s appealingly piquant. Pizza is just appealing and the mere sight of it may get you salivating. If you are not hungry and you sight a zesty pizza a million miles away, be rest assured to get hungry in a few minutes. Even before the great aroma greets you, a pizza in all it’s zest will get your mouth to water. The real truth is, it may not taste as great as it looks but you will be tempted to taste it anyways.

Z – zippy

One of the greatest attributes of pizza is its ability to be delivered in record time. Many people enjoy pizza mainly because it gets delivered at their doorstep just a few minutes after they order for it. Pizza is zippy. The  and speed with which it gets prepared and delivered to the hungry customer is breathtaking. If you don’t believe this, just place an order and grab your stopwatch. You will be dazzled at the speed. This is now a safe haven for many hungry folk who cannot go to the kitchen and make something. They just order, sit back and bam! It’s there.

A – aromatic

Pizza’s have a noticeable and pleasant smell. From several miles away, you can tell if pizza is coming to you. They have a distinctive quality and they are just so attractive by smell. You may not want to eat pizza but the aroma of it may just get you munching more than you imagined. If you are on diet, just stay away from pizza. You will be tempted no matter what.

Mention one person who has never eaten a pizza in his/her life. You may struggle to find a lot though. Almost everyone likes a pizza but did we all know the real truth about pizzas? Now we have it.

By: Bennet Otoo – Jumia Food

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