‘The Health of Your Mouth Reveals Much About You’ Nivodent Toothpaste

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Excitement hit the roof at the Ashalley Botwe school park yesterday as the Presbyterian Church, Ashalley Botwe and Madina districts received full sponsorship from Nivodent Toothpaste to spice up their yearly Easter picnic celebration.

Nivodent toothpaste, a product of Salex West Africa, a LINN GLOBAL Group company, has successfully carved a niche for itself with its outstanding Nivodent oral hygiene campaign in elementary schools in Ghana.

Known for its emphasis on the need for oral health, Nivodent could not hold back but seized the opportunity to educate all and sundry about the benefits of ensuring a good oral health; as many are bound to consume all kind of foods that can affect the conditioning of the mouth during the season.

The event which aimed at celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ brought together 16 congregations under the Madina and Ashalley Botwe districts to foster togetherness andfraternal fellowship among its members.

Talking about the product, Mr. Stephane Yapi, Head of Sales, Salex West Africa said, Nivodent Toothpaste is toothpaste that solves all issues relating to mouth and dental hygiene. He added that Nivodent offers maximum cavity protection and protects the teeth against any form of germs.

“It has been scientifically proven that, Nivodent strengthens the teeth and repairs weak spots before cavities starts. It fights cavities on teeth surfaces and exposed roots; leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean”.

The event, which was coupled with numerous activities had participants involved in soccer, volleyball, racing etc. It also witnessed the presence of dignitaries such as the Madina District Minister, Rev. Michael Ennim-Tetteh and the Ashalley Botwe District Minister.

In a bid to raise awareness, Mr. Yapi emphasized that, oral hygiene is key because it speaks volume about what is going on in one’s body. He added that, ‘a healthy mouth may help you ward off medical disorders and may decrease your risk of serious health problems’.

He added that, Nivodent is opened to any platform interested in the education of oral hygiene and it is ready to offer dental screening to any society that shares similar vision. It was hinted that going forward, Nivodent will be the main sponsor for the Presbyterian church festivities in Madina and Ashalley Botwe district.

At the end of the activities that ensued, Salex West Africa awarded Elshaddai & Bethel congregation for being the winners of the soccer competition and Emmanuel & East Legon Hills congregation for emerging winners of the volley ball competition.


Source: Ghanaiandemocrat.com

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