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Daniel Johnson, the suspected gay practitioner.

One, Daniel Johnson, suspected to be a gay practitioner has been attacked by the Nima anti-gay movement, ‘The Safety Empire’, at Fadama, a suburb of Accra.

The suspect according to the movement relocated to Fadama after he was first attacked by the same group at Mamobi, another Accra suburb where his secret gay activities were exposed by his stepmother. 

Even though Daniel Johnson was lucky to escape, one person believed to be his friend with whom Daniel had been lodging was picked by the group.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Sule Doya  the ring leader of the group claimed that Daniel would surely be fish out to face the wrath of the group. 

Gay practice  according to him is illegal in Ghana and in accordance to Islam and that his group will clamp on anyone suspected to be a homosexual or supporting homosexuality. 

On why the friend of Daniel was arrested , Mr. Doya said that the friend was picked up for accommodating a known gay and for that matter he would be made to suffer some punishment to serve as deterrent to others.

He pointed out that Daniel cannot run to anywhere.  ” We have our agents scattered along the length and breadth of this country and he will soon be located to face severe punishment ” he boasted. 

He revealed that they first attacked and arrested both Daniel and his mother  at Mamobi, another suburb of Accra when his gay practice was exposed.  After detaining and punishing them ,we thought Daniel had repented from this ungodly acts but not knowing he had transferred it to another area.

We got to know of Daniel’s gay activities through his stepmother and we have since been monitoring his movements within the community. 

We won’t sit down for homosexuality to flourish in our communities, we shall fight it even with our last blood until it’s totally eliminated. The Safety Empire is a group of young men in the fight against homosexuality in Ghana.

Members of the Safety Empire on a rampage

The group is known for its dangerous and inhumane treatment of gay practitioners and supporters.The group uses dangerous weapons such as machetes, sticks, clubs and stones in its operations to attack it’s victims . 

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