Self-confessed homosexual does not want practice legalized

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Jay Quameh Rooney also known as Miss Jay, a self-confessed gay has stated emphatically that he is against the legalization of Homosexuality in Ghana.

Despite activists and protesters demanding LGBT rights and protection in Ghana, the 23-year-old said making LGBT lawful will cause more harm than good.

According to him, the consequences are not worth the risk of the act which made him lose his family as a teenager.

Miss Jay, who had dreams of becoming a superstar in the entertainment industry, revealed that his hopes were shattered after he was sexually exploited by an older man whose house he usually visited to play.

Sharing his story on GHOne TV, he said “I had wanted to be an actor then later I wanted to be a musician. Then later I had a dream of being a model.”

“One day, I went there to play….and this time he rubbed his private part with soap and started having anal sex with us…as in me and his nephews. On some days, I told myself I must man up and tell my family. When I started, my grandfather was like hey, we don’t want you in this family again. Go out of the house, we don’t want you here. I was 15, 16 years.” He disclosed.

Rooney said wandering the streets of Tema and perching with friends was the only means of survival. That was how he began exchanging sex for money through stripping to survive including charging clients $150 per hour’s session on social media platform, snap chat.

He said, “….I had no job, I had nothing. That’s when I took the stripping job. Since nobody was willing to work with me I had to make my own work. I started stripping and then moved to snap chat. I charge $150 an hour.”

In spite of his courage to make money from his sexuality, Jay continues to stay in the closet for fear of being attacked as well as to protect the sanity of his five-year-old daughter.

“There’s one thing the world does not know about me. I have a daughter who is 5 years and she’s what I fear most. I don’t want her to grow up and get to know that actually, this is what my dad does/did.”

Jay Quameh Rooney has, therefore, called on religious leaders and the entire citizenry to help him change his ways.


Source: ghanaweb

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