Rot At Lands Commission: Officials Collaborates With Landguards to Fake Documents

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Baba Amando, (Chief Landguard) And CEO of Sissamba Empire Company Ltd

Information reaching Ghanaian Democrat indicates that some staff at Lands Commission is engaged in massive fraud including change of original land owners’ title to other persons.

Our investigations at the Commission revealed that some fraudulent transactions involving some staff and Landgaurds tried to change the title of original owners to some unscrupulous individuals has taken place.

It is alleged that one Baba Amando, (Chief Landguard) who parade himself as development chief for Sapeima uses the Police to snatch lands from people and have them change title immediately with his cronies at the  Lands Commission.

Residents within the Ga West Municipality and its environs who have resisted from their lands  been forcibly   taken away from them by Baba Amando and his boys, suffer  brutalities whiles others lost their lives through assassinations.

Baba Amando, popularly known as Staff and his Sissamba Empire Company are known within the Ga West Municipality for their notorious attacks on lives and properties with the help of Amasaman Police Command.

The Sissamba Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is said to be the brain behind land disputes in the Greater Accra Region.

Meanwhile when contacted on phone by this reporter this is what he said “no police in Ghana can arrest me, I control them, and they are on my payroll. Any police officer who will try on our deal should consider himself or herself dead”.

“As for Lands Commission, my people are there to do whatever I ask them to, I will get all lands registered in my name so when you go to court you don’t have any documents to prove ownership of the land”, he added.


By: John Patapaa

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