Release: Hajia Tawa Congratulates NDC On The Successful Completion Of Membership Registration Across The Country

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The last two months have been a turning point in the annals of the NDC. We saw enthusiastic comrades meeting at their respective branches to re-register as active card bearing members of the party. The exercise was geared towards compiling a credible register for our internal elections. 

We appreciate the difficulty in some constituencies, particularly those categorized as rural constituencies. The major challenge was the cost of passport pictures and how some comrades had to travel either on foot or motorbikes to branch meetings. These difficulties, challenging as they were, did not deter our comrades from registering. They are the true owners of our party and we celebrate them. We thank the National Executives, regional, constituency and branch executives for their selfless dedication to duty.

The Election Directorates of the various units of our party also need not escape our patting on the shoulder gesture. They did a yeoman’s job in these trying times in the history of our party. We believe that the enthusiasm demonstrated across the country is indicative of the fact that we are ready to roll our sleeves and get to work for victory 2020.

The various regional, constituency and branch women organizers were also very helpful during the exercise. They have shown that with the right leadership in place, they will rise to occasion on any day.

The journey to 2020 begins now. Our preparation today will determine our achievement in 2020. We thank all party supporters for their commitment.



Hajia Tawa Zakari

(National Women’s Organizer Hopeful, NDC)


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