Palestine Ambassador Charges UN to Force Israel to End Occupation

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The Deputy Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Dr Jabra Shomali has charged the United Nations to put pressure on the Israeli government to withdraw from their land.


“We ask the UN to put more pressure on the Israeli government to withdraw from our land because this is political and moral responsibility of the UN,” he said.


Speaking to the Daily Express in Accra, Dr Shomali emphasized the need for the international community to address the remote causes of conflict and empower institutions for conflict resolution.


He says Gaza is a humanitarian emergency with 2 million Palestinians struggling with collapsing infrastructure and a paralyzed economy and tens of thousands still displaced awaiting reconstruction of homes destroyed by conflict.




Dr Shomali said there were 7,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons with 350 of them being children and 240 women and that there could not be peace if Palestinians are not allowed to establish an Independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its Capital.


Ambassador Shomali expressed his dissatisfaction about the current Security Council system where US and Britain veto to quash majority votes.


For him, such system at the council is the major challenge that plunge nations into chaos adding that “UN security council must be overhauled to suit the needs of every member and seek justice and peace around the globe”.


Story: News Desk

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