New Greater Accra Fulani Chief Installed

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Fulanis across the country converged at Nima, a suburb of the Greater Accra Region to witness the installation of Alhaji Mahama Adam Jallo, as a new regional chief of Fulani.

The coronation of the new chief brought together high profile Fulani personalities and other different tribes from all walks of life to show their support.

Addressing the large gathering, the newly installed chief, Alhaji Mahama Adam Jallo popularly known in private life as Alhaji Nash, promised to work in the interest of all Fulanis.

He advised Fulanis to be responsible citizens and avoid making the headlines for bad reasons since they have become the center of controversy over the years.

He said Fulanis have contributed to the socio-economic development of Ghana adding that “for some unfortunate reasons we have become target for public ridicule”.

He urged Fulanis to unite and stand strong in difficult times and therefore, calling on the authorities and the security agencies to investigate properly the circumstances that Fulanis have found themselves with their neighbors resulting in the mass killing of cows.

The chairman of the planning committee Dr. Ahmed Gadel commended Fulanis for the love shown toward the installation of the new chief.

To him, the massive attendance of Fulanis to the coronation of the new Regional chief signifies the unity and their readiness to ensure peace prevails.

According to Dr. Gadel the installation of the new chief would bring about peace, unity, and progress among the Fulanis.

Chief of Suudu Baaba of United States of America Branch, Alhaji Abachena Braimah Gimbala Sankare was impressed with the attendance of Fulanis during the installation and said the time has come to change the bad perception about the Fulanis to the world.

Alhaji Abachena commended the organizing committee for the wonderful work done to ensure the program was successfully ended in peace.


By: Iddrissu A. Jara

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