NDC will Deal with Perpetrators and Attackers of Voter Registration Centers – Sammy Gyemfi

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The National Communications Officer (NCO) of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer Sammy Gyemfi has hinted on possible persecution of individuals causing mayhems at registration centers during the ongoing voter registration exercise if NDC is voted into office and form the new government in 2021.

According to the NCO, the Akufo Addo led administration has shown enough evidence to creat civil unrest in the upcoming general elections.

He said the NDC has taken into account all the attrocities and mayhem visited on innocent Ghanaian citizens and would ensure justice is served.

Lawyer Sammy Gyemfi was speaking at the 9th edition of the weekly press series in Accra on Tuesday accused the government of sponsoring thugs to brutalize innocent citizens during the registration exercise.

Mr. Sammy Gyemfi backed his claims with video evidence captured at various registration center across the country.

The NDC according to the NCO, was deeply worried about the ethnic descrimination aimed at desenfranchising certain tribes in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

He indicated that, the hatched agenda by president Akufo Addo to denied certain tribes their right to exercise their constitutional mandate could only lead to civil unrest.

He causioned some security personnel especially the military and the police who allowed themselves to be used by certain political party and government officials to be mindful of the oath they swear to protect the Constitution of Ghana and not a political party.

NDC’s NCO warned those security personnel and thugs that they would face the full rigors of the law if there is a change of government.

He therefore called on president Akufo Addo to halt the ethnic discrimination and tribal bigotry in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat

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