NDC Primaries: Plan to Rig Adentan Parliamentary Primaries By Constituency Executives

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On Saturday August 24, 2019, the parliamentary primaries of the NDC will be held across the 275 constituencies nationwide towards the 2020 general elections.

The guideline and protocol provided by the Party National Headquarters to all constituencies and aspirants is to ensure free, fair, credible and transparent elections.

Already, some delegates in the Adenta constituency are raising concerns about the covert ploy by some executives in the constituency to favour a contestant.

The Adenta Constituency is one of the illustrious seats for the NDC in the Greater Accra Region with 147 branch areas and about 1,323 delegates set to vote in the primaries.

And since the constituency was created in 2008, anytime the NDC wins the parliamentary seat, the presidential candidate for the NDC wins in the general elections.

For that matter, the competition is keen, however, it is not deprived from some perceived manipulations in the outcome of the primaries.

An interception of a petition brought to the NDC National Headquarters discloses an allegation against members of the Election Directorate formed by the Constituency Secretary to supervise the election who are his friends and family and who have furtively declared their support to the former parliamentary candidate for NDC in the constituency and now aspirant, Mohammed Adamu Ramadan.

On July 9, 2019, aspirants filed their nomination forms, and upon all the stoke and rigorous scrutiny by the Constituency Executives and Election Directors of the nomination form of former Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur, her nomination was declared duly filed.

But, under some unusual circumstance, her forms were brought to the Regional Secretariat without her photos attached.

This crass negligence could have disqualify her to contest for the primaries if not for the intervention by the Regional Executives.

Also, but for the decision by the Regional Executives on Friday that voting is by the Electoral Commission’s Voter ID, it was intended by the Constituency Executives to distribute new Party cards to some unqualified delegates to vote in the primaries.

It is expected that the Regional Executives would deploy measure to supervise a free and fair election in the Adenta parliamentary primaries.

Source: Maxwell Nsiah

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