National security investigates DVLA staff over roadworthy certificates

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Chief Executive Officer of DVLA, Kwasi Agyemang Busia

The national security is currently investigating some staff of the Vehicle Driver and Licensing Authority (DVLA) who are involved in the issuance of unauthorised vehicle roadworthy certificates.

Members of the staff are said to be involved in the trading of software and data for the printing and issuance of vehicle roadworthy certificate, a conduct which is costing the nation millions of cedis in revenue.

Their activities according to authorities involves the ‘Goro’ community that sells this to unsuspecting vehicle owners.

Development of a new roadworthy certificate with enhanced security features which went into operation this year has recorded a jump of 360 percent increment in revenue.

In an exclusive interview with Elton Brobbey, the Chief Executive Officer of DVLA, Kwasi Agyemang Busia said the law will take its course on those involved.

“The roadworthy is a huge place of leakage for the Authority and we had to find a way to come up with a more secure, robust [mechanism] and leveraging technology again,” he said.

He disclosed that the compromised nature of the system as shown by the national security document calls for immediate solutions in sealing the leakages and ensuring the system cannot be duplicated.

According to him, it is hard to imagine the data the goro boys get without the help of the staff of the Authority, but the national security is dealing with that situation.

“People could get the roadworthy certificate at the roadside. The Goro boys have duplicated everything we do here. So, we are making the document highly secured and test it so well such that even if they catch up we would have moved ahead,” he said.

Mr Busia added that the revenue they are raking in is evidence that the measures taken are paying off.

He, however, said they are still working to eliminate the menace of the goro boys phenomenon completely.

Meanwhile, the goro boys [middle men] are meeting the DVLA officials to get their operations regularised.


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