National Scouts and Guilds Fellowship-Ghana holds AGM

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The President of National Scouts and Guilds Fellowship-Ghana, Mr. Prosper Bani, has reaffirmed the fellowship’s  commitment to respond to crises of poverty, natural and man-made disaster and promotion of peace and development.

He also pledged to work more and better with Scouts and Guilds and other government and nongovernmental organizations to design projects to make a difference in  communities across the country.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the fellowship in Accra, Mr. Bani who is a former Chief of Staff and Interior Minister said ISGF-Ghana will contribute to an election, free of violence, intimidation come 2020.

He further said the fellowship will work to create an environment of peace before, during and after the 2020 elections.

Mr. Bani also lamented about the low membership of his outfit and pledged to focus on membership drive that would encourage the fellowship to increase their membership and to encourage contribution of dues payment as well as build partnership to support their agenda.

He hinted that the fellowship is preparing for the 29th IGSF-Ghana World conference in Madrid, Spain in August 2020.

Mr. Bani was optimistic that Ghana will aim at the bid and have the opportunity to host such a conference in the near future.

He said to achieve this, the fellowship has set up a committee to begin preparation to bid document to be submitted  to the World conference in Madrid next year.

“In addition, we also have a team to work with members who intend to participated in the World conference” Mr. Bani.

Mr. Bani further reminded government and non- governmental organizations to include in an integrated way, climate change management in their development and social programmes by increasing advocacy in social organizations.

He also urged the public to change their attitude towards the environment to enable the threat of climate change to improve.

According to Mr. Bani, “until the peoples attitude change the climate conditions currently witnessed in many parts of the country may not change.”

By: Raphael Apetorgbor

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