Leaf of Life Covenant Ministries Inc. Donates To Schools

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A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that called itself ‘Leaf of Life Covenant Ministries Inc’. (LLCMI) based in US and its branch in Ghana has donated assorted items worth thousands of Ghana Cedis to two Islamic Schools in Nima and Kanda, all in the Greater Accra Region in a bid to help improve academic performance in the aforementioned schools.

According to the Founder, Lawanda Lampo, the eleven year old NGO was aimed at assisting schools with little things that they find difficult to access due to financial difficulties, especially on the part ofthe parents or guardians.

The items Leaf of Life Covenant Ministries Inc. (LLCMI) presented to the Adab Islamic School, affectionately called Mallam Fusseini, were about 400 exercise books, 20 bottles of antiseptic liquid germ killer, 6 parks of toilet roll, Madar powered soap, 2 bags of awake bottled drinking water, 5 boxes and 3 types of plastic bottled minerals drinks.

Some other schools within the Nima and Accra Newtown were also presented with similar assorted items for the aforementioned reasons, and more of such needy schools within Nima/Maamobi communities and Accra Newtown will soon receive their donations.

According to the Representative in Ghana, Mr. Abdullah Limpo, the organization has more on its agenda to also assist young person who want to go into artisanship or trade to earn a living.

The Head Teacher of the Adabiya Primary Department, Mr. Abdullah was impressed with the gesture by LLCMI. He hinted that a day before LLCMI, some old pupils of the school donated some items to the school to support their former school.

He appealed to the self-made people and philanthropists in and around Nima and its environs to also come to the aid of the ADABIYA Islamic School.


Story: Delali A. Awuyeh

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