KNUST Lecturer Attacks Muslim Nursing Candidate Over Veil

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One of the lecturers at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST was alleged to have attached and removed a veil of a Muslim female student during her final examination exams.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Thursday on the campus of KNUST as recent graduates of the Department of Nursing were undertaking their licensure examination.

Information gathered indicates that on arrival at the examination center an official from the NURSES AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL present asked some Muslim ladies who were dressed up in their nursing uniform to remove their veils else they won’t be allowed to write the exam.

The graduates after explaining to the officials present were allowed to seat for the exams.

We have learnt that it was agreed for them to wear the inner veil and write the exam.

However, unfortunately, as it seems a lecturer at the Department of Nursing, KNUST whose name has been given as Dr. (Mrs.) Adwoa Bemah Boamah Mensah out of nowhere stormed the examination room and removed the inner veil on the head of one of the candidates threw them away outside the premises of the examination hall.

Speaking with one of the said students she narrated her ordeal amidst tears and shivering.

She said.. “I was dismayed at her attitude. She all of a sudden removed the veil and threw it away.

“Her action sent me into shock and I was totally dumbstrucked. I couldn’t gain my focus and attention throughout the remaining duration of the exam. People need to be taught to respect the religious choice of others. I expected her to know better.”

The lady also quizzed why same treatment is not meted out to Roman Catholic sisters in the profession. This incident comes as a shock to many as just recently a similar incident occurred at SSNIT where a Muslim lady was asked to remove her veil before granted access as a service person with SSNIT. A lot of Muslims are therefore suspecting some religious profiling and deliberate efforts to malign Muslims by some professionals.

Doesn’t the constitution grant us the choice of religion and for every citizen to respect that choice? Wouldn’t it be prudent for the NURSES AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL to come out clearly on the issue of hijab and nursing.

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