Irene Mensah Facilitates Registration Of NDC Members For Ghana Card …In Anya-Sowutuom

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As the national leadership of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) receives flak over its lackadaisical attitude in respect of the ongoing mass registration for the National Identification Card (Ghana Card), one militant party thoroughbred is quietly pushing the party’s interest in Ga Central Municipality.

Mrs. Irene Mensah, Parliamentary Candidate hopeful for Anya-Sowutuom has become facilitator-in-chief for the registration of her constituents, as she goes all out to cater to the needs of staff of the National Identification Authority (NIA) just so they will have the convenience to concentrate on their duty.

While at it, she is said to be rallying her party members to register as well.

Among others, the woman has spent her own money to rent chairs for the NIA staff undertaking the registration at the Anya Market bus terminal. She has, since the beginning of the registration process also supplied the NIA staff with food.

And it is not only the Anya market bus terminal that Irene Mensah has adopted – the Pallas Town School junction registration center of the NIA is also receiving facilitation from her.

She is praised for serving the officers both breakfast and lunch most of the time; an at least one snack a day.

This paper got a hint about Mrs. Irene Mensah’s facilitation from an anonymous source who asked us to look into it to see if there was some fishiness to it. Investigation has since revealed that the woman rather deserves praise than condemnation for undertaking to patriotically help a national cause in her own small way.

Through her facilitation, the Anya Market bus terminal registration point of the NIA and the Pallas Town School Junction one have been among the most trouble-free of all the registration centers of the NIA.

The woman herself has debunked claims that she is facilitating the registration of only NDC members. “I find this allegation interesting because the people that I encourage and help to register do not respond to my calls with NDC tattooed on their faces.

“All I am doing is helping with the process to get as many of my constituents as possible to register. We in the NDC need everybody to register so that if the Ghana Card becomes the mode of securing a voter’s ID card for 2019, we can have the numbers…NDC already has the support of the people because now we have all learnt our lessons,” she said in a phone interview.

However, sources dispute this and claim she is getting more NDC constituents to register for the Ghana Card in her constituency. It is alleged that she is actually running a text message and WhatsApp campaign of sorts to rally NDC members to register. When this paper asked her about claims that she has actually been sending lorry fare to some NDC members so they can transport themselves to registration centers, she neither confirmed nor denied.

Interestingly, while Mrs. Irene Mensah is allegedly rallying her party people to register for the Ghana Card, her main rival for the 2020 Parliamentary ticket of the NDC for Anya-Sowutuom is said to have rudely turned his back on his own party.

Mr. Emmanuel Allotey has not been bothered about the whole process. Over the weekend, stories emerged within the Constituency of a group of unhappy NDC delegates contacting  him on phone to ask that he compliments the effort of Irene Mensah, and receiving a nasty cheeky answer.

The members in question are said to have asked that he helps with a little money for transportation so more party members and supporters can be transported to registration centers.

To this, Mr. Allotey is quoted to have said that he is not the only one running for the 2020 Parliamentary ticket of the NDC in Anya-Sowutuom, and that the Constituency Chairman, Mahmud Amadu, is also in the race, and so the people who want money for transportation can contact him instead.

The alleged rude reply has since become a source of disquiet in the Constituency with many wondering the kind of MP Allotey would be if he were to be elected.

Mr. Emmanuel Allotey is the current Constituency Treasurer of the NDC in Anya-Sowutuom. As an executive, it was expected that he would show more commitment to the Ghana Card registration process.

By – Philip Somuah Asante

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