Invincible, Delta Forces Join Police Night Patrol

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Pro-government vigilante groups, invincible and delta forces have respectively joined the night police patrol a

Cross the country.

Some of the members of the vigilante groups were given police uniforms and weapons to patrol at various parts of the country.

Residents who spoke to this portal under condition of anonymity expressed fears and called on  well-meaning Ghanaians to speak against it.

According to them, they have seen known faces of some members of the vigilante groups wielding weapons at night with some men in uniform.

They say this arrangement by government to involve members of said vigilante groups spells doom for the safety of citizens.

“This is clear security breach and should not be entertained since these guys are not legally recruited into the service “, one resident said.

The Ghanaian democrat can confirm that there are members of NPP vigilante groups at various security services arranged by the government for special assignment.

One could remember that during the early days into office of the Nana Addo’s government, members of the groups went on nationwide rampage to demand jobs from their pay masters.

Some civil servants had their share of brutalities from the vigilante groups for allegedly employed under the previous NDC administration.



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