How To Shop Right For Christmas

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The season of shopping and spending more is here and if you are not careful, you might end up broke before the end of the year.Christmas shopping comes every year so if you don’t plan not to over spend, you might run into debts and start a new year with negative to zero balance.

It is therefore salient to plan to shop right to save more for the coming year. Here are some pre shopping tips I believe will help you avoid over spending.

Outline your needs: Knowing what you actually need for Christmas, is a good way to start your shopping. Pen down all items you are sure to need during the festivity. By making a list, you are fixing your gaze on that which is important so to avoid impulse buying.

Shop on Budget:Allocate an approximate amount to each item you have purposed to buy. Try your possible best to reduce the possibility of over spending the allocations in the budget. Plan to bargain on items that are ‘bargain-able’ especially if you are shopping from an offline traditional market.

Stick to your list: Try as much as possible to stick to the list you have created for your shopping. In as much as you might have forgotten to add some items to your shopping list, resist the urge of impulse buying by planning to go without them if possible.

Look for discounts:Most retailers are eager to increase their sales and get the attention of shoppers during festivities. This forcibly calls for them to give out discounts to entice buyers. Look for discount shops with quality product and pamper yourself with the discount goodies that are in your list.

Shop online: For convenience, online shops such as Jumia is ready to reduce your stress by asking you to place an online order for those items you need. Your items will be shipped and delivered at your door step wherever you are. Since these items will be going to one location, you might get discounts on the delivery. This helps you avoid the hassle of an offline market and help save money for other equally important stuff.

Shop early, save money:Festivities often affect changes in price of items. Most times, because items are high in demand, prices tend to shoot up. To avoid its impact on your budget, it is advisable to shop early to save money; because you might not get all the discounts you might be aiming at on all the items you have on your list.

Take advantage of Promotional sales: One way to save big is to take advantage of promotional sales that abounds during festivities. Both offline and online shops will be ready to give huge discounts on flash sales and Xmas sales. Prioritize these outlets and get your needs sorted for the season.

Buy a gift for someone: Selflessness is the blueprint of love that Christmas brings. This season is the right opportunity to buy a gift for someone and appreciate others. Its focus is to share the love that Jesus Christ’s birth brought to mankind; so never hesitate to surprise someone with a nice gift. If you aren’t sure what to buy, you can play the ‘guess what I bought for you this christmas’ game. The person will be eager to know what you bought. Let the person guess and say all that he or she needs for Christmas. Then you have a fair idea what the person wants. Choose from the most affordable and buy for the person.

Budget for uncertainties: Uncertainties are unplanned activities whether pleasant or unpleasant. To be on the safer side, set aside an amount to rely on should there be any unplanned activity. This will go a long way to help you in the next few weeks of the next month if that budget ends up untouched.


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