Food is good; half a dozen reasons why you should eat healthy

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Once upon a time in history, a hungry man said. ‘’ I won’t be impressed with technology until i can download food’’. Many years on, we can confidently say that he can be impressed with technology because these days we hypothetically download food. Talk of the many online food delivery services especially Jumia food that allows you to get your preferred meal delivered to you after a few clicks. The key thing to note is not even how the food gets to you but the value of the food we eat. Even without a shred of doubt, everyone agrees that food is good. However, not everyone who knows the value of food actually eats healthy. Jumia food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service examines half a dozen reasons why we need to eat healthy.

Satisfy physical hunger – Hunger generally is a vague word which is used to describe the urgent need for something, particularly food. We eat primarily to satisfy physical hunger. Hunger is never a good thing and makes us feel so uncomfortable. Imagine a world without food. The funny sounds in your stomach and the burning sensation. Once you eat, almost every problem evaporates for a while. One thing to note however is that there is a difference between eating to satisfy hunger and eating healthy to satisfy hunger. In the end satisfaction is guaranteed but the quality of food speaks a lot about the health benefits you derive from it.


Nutrition – What is food without nutrients? Nutrients are the powerful substances that help us to grow well. Many foods possess different types of nutrients therefore making it imperative to eat healthy and not always eat same type of food. Also complete lack of food means lack of these nutrients which may cause detrimental health issues or even result in malnutrition and death.


Good looks – In today’s world, good looks are sometimes more important than many other things. Many spend a lot of time and money on trying to look good. Ladies especially spend huge amounts on clothes and salons that it becomes alarming when they go to any length just to look good in a certain way. Wait a minute! Do these people actually know that eating well is a great way to look very good? If you don’t believe this, just give it time. Eat well and healthy for a while and you will be amazed by the results.


Energy & Productivity – All through the day, we expend large amounts of energy in our activities. Whether it’s in the classroom learning or at work doing something manual. Work involves the use of many of our senses and our brain which can be very demanding. The best way to keep the body in constant supply of the fuel it needs is by eating healthy always. In order to be very productive, we need to eat and eat well to ensure we don’t fall short of energy supply at anytime.


Specific needs – Sometimes it has nothing to do with good looks and productivity. On a few occasions, we have been instructed to eat certain foods even against our will. Yes! Maybe it is because we need some amounts of energy to take certain drugs or go on particular treatments. Athletes are put on certain feeding regimes while certain illnesses require certain foods in some quantities. Whatever your needs are, food is a basic need.


You save money – Something that doesn’t readily come to mind when talking about the benefits of food is the fact that we can save money by eating healthy. Think about it, when you eat well, you hardly fall ill and there will be no need to visit the hospital frequently. You save money on bills and transportation. Also, when you eat healthy, there is less room for junk food which is usually expensive. You eat certain foods at certain times and you don’t end up spending a lot on foods you don’t benefit from. Calculate how much you spent last year on junk food. You could have been almost twice as rich by now.


Have you eaten today? If not, just drop everything and grab something. FOOD IS GOOD!!!


Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Food Ghana


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