Flagstaff House Basic Sch PTA Meeting Turns Blows Over CSE

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Information reaching ghanaiandemocrat has it that the Parent Teacher Association PTA meeting at the Flagstaff House Basic School in Accra turned into boxing ring as parent and teachers trade blows over Comprehensive Sexuality Education CSE.

Our source has gathered that parents who were in full attendance at the meeting raised concerns and questioned the school teachers present demanding to know the kind of training they were sent to do.

Teachers during the PTA meeting informed the gathering that government had sent them to be trained on the new curriculum which did not go down well with the parents demanding the full disclosure of the training.

The meeting which was attended by both civilian and security parents whose ward attend the same school could not understand why the school authority can’t explained the type of training given the teachers.

But both parents warned the school of any attempt to teach the children CSE would be met with stiff opposition.

Parents at the meeting openly condemned government attempt to destroy the culture of the country.

Some security operatives who were at the meeting could not hide their frustrations but warned that an attempt to teach their children such practice would result in teaching the teachers the worst lessons of their lives.

Some of the teachers whose names withheld confirmed of been part of the training in CSE.

Meanwhile, the school authority declined to comment on the issue when this portal contacted them.

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat.com

2 Responses to "Flagstaff House Basic Sch PTA Meeting Turns Blows Over CSE"

  1. IBRAHIM KOLOS SEBILNAAB   October 30, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    I am a parent of a pupil at the the school in question and will like to refute the allegation that there was some exchange of blows during the PTA meeting held last week Thursday.
    No such thing occurred during the meeting, as part of the agenda teachers complained of lateness and disrespect by pupils toward teachers and also children who go to the cafe’s with excuses that they have been given home work to research on the internet thereby using the internet for other negative motives and that parents should be very mindful of these behaviours which retards the child’s ability in learning. After which there was a question and answer session then closing prayer after which parents were asked to go to the various classrooms of their wards to sign the PTA attendance book, at Which stage was there exchange of blows.

  2. Moses   October 31, 2019 at 10:59 am

    What we as parents discussed that day was different from what you have reported here. I some journalists in this country need to go back to school for proper training. Why not report the truth.


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