Ecowas Protocol on Trade Useless…Guta President

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Dr. Joseph Obeng – Guta Prez

Dr. Joseph Obeng, President of the Ghana Union Traders Association(GUTA) has described ECOWAS protocol on trade as useless for the sub region .

According to the Guta President, the current use of ECOWAS free trade movement has created mess to some countries in the sub Regional body.

Dr. Joseph Obeng was speaking in an exclusive interview with in Accra over the weekend when he opined that some countries are seen to be bigger than others thereby making it difficult for others to comprehend with the protocols guaranteed by the body.

Dr. Obeng cited how Nigerian nationals come into Ghana and disrespect the local laws in the name of ECOWAS protocol.

According to him, Nigerians trade in foreign goods rather than their own locally manufactured products.

Meanwhile, he said Nigeria has banned all foreign goods out Ecowas sub region and that necesditated the closure of its borders to strengthen the Ecowas protocol.

With this policy on the part of Nigeria, the GUTA President observed that it would only be appropriate for other member states to do same.

Dr. Obeng expressed worried that the new single currency (eco) for the sub Regional body would suffer a backlash since Nigeria alone controls over 67% of GDP in west Africa and takes unilitarial decisions.

He said the trade war between the two countries has nothing to do with banning foreigners from doing business in Ghana but to ensure the laws of the land are respected and obeyed by all.

“Currently, there is inter- ministerial committee in place receiving all necessary documents from the affected individuals in the just ended trade war between Ghana and Nigeria, he disclosed .

The trade Association leader explained that the Committee would be responsible in handling issues relating to opening and closure of shops belonging to foreign traders.


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