DKT International Takes ADR Awareness To BA

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Adverse Drug Reaction has become one of the major problems facing the quality of health delivery in Ghana according to Deputy General Manager of the Regulatory Affairs for Pharmacovigilance of DKT International, Mr. AdamuAbdulai.

According to Mr. AdamuAbdulai, it was believed that some parmacists in Ghana misinformed patients on the dosage of drugs or the kind of medication to be taken for a particular ailment which result in further health hazard.

This he explained, has created numerous health related implications to patients due to wrong information given them.

Mr. Adamu was speaking in an interview with the media shortly after the workshop help in BrongAhafo Regional capital, Sunyani called on pharmacists to encourage clients to drop any information relating to the drugs they purchased to enhance future improvement.

He said reporting on ADR would enable DKT International to do a more follow-up to identified the causes and most of the things that were not captured when manufacturing the drugs.

“It is the duty of DKT international to train the participant on what to do in such situations and also how to report on Advise Drug Reactions (ADR) appropriately for quick responses in case of any misused drugs”, he stated.

The deputy manager further stated that “We want to create awareness on ADR and the first point of call is our clientele and they will also send the messages across before engaging the general public.”

Mr. Adamu reaffirms their commitment not only to safety but to enable DKT to pick a steps back for the unknowing and also improved and promote quality and safety of their drugs.

He therefore called for reduction in import duty and urged government to grant tax exemptions on essential pharmaceutical products.

He said reducing import duties on such pharmaceutical product would help NGOs to cater for health needs of the rural Ghana.

Mr. Mario E. Flores the country Director of DKT International has also called on the government to promote the use of modern contraceptive to overcome HIV AIDS prevalence and unwanted pregnancy.

He said his outfit was one of the best when it come to the productions of modern contraceptive drugs in the Ghanaian. Market.

He mentioned that it was safer and healthier to consumed any product of DKT because the entire necessary test carried by International bodies and Food and Drug Board (FDB) have indicated that their products are of good qualities for public consumption.

‘’We would not want to be just a business giant in Ghanaian industries but we have a vision of using our organization to improve the quality lifestyle of average Ghanaian’’, he added.

The workshop held in Sunyani brought together all Academia, Doctors, Nurse Midwifery, licensee’s Chemical sellers Pharmaceuticals and personnel from Ghana Health Services.

Story: Iddrissu A. Jara

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