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On 7 December, 2016 the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) under John Mahama was handed an embarrassingly technical knockout by the then candidate Akufo Addo.
Ten months on in opposition, nothing concrete and meaningful seems to be happening in the largest opposition party. Like a fog, the party seems to be waning, directionless, disoriented, fractured, buttered and torn apart with no sign of truly healing wounds and making efforts in bouncing back into political power. There is absolutely chaos, impunity and lawlessness and glaringly, like George Orwell’s “Animal farm” the centre cannot be held together.
So the party is in deep crisis. Crisis of uniting and holding members and key elders together and truly  healing wounds. Crisis of rebranding and recapturing power. Crisis of electing our next flagbearer for the next 2020 election. Crisis of key functionaries and NEC members seeking to inflict or foist a particular candidate on us.
The Kwesi Botwe report  made a number of recommendations which sought to cure the above but    sadly the report has been jettisoned and thrown into the dustbin by the powers that be and by the same people who put together the committee.
So what’s the essence of putting together a committee whose recommendations will be side stepped and not be  used?
Since the KB report was launched, nothing concrete whatsoever has been implemented in that report affording others the opportunity to doing their own things. John Mahama and his hangers on instead of seeking to action the report, have rather coined a charade “Unity walk” and using same to campaign for Mahama and leapfrogging ahead of the primaries. Sadly, on these platforms other would be candidates like Professor Alabi and Sylvester are not given the chance to talk except Mahama. The unity walk remains a vehicle, contrived  to push Mahama’s bid and leapfrog ahead of his contenders.
There has been grave concerns of this unity walk by well meaning and senior members of this party. The party is broke and cannot even afford to print registration materials for the ongoing reorganisation yet some Mahama apparachicks are busy organising unity walks and Thank you tours to bring him back when the party is in dire need of cash. It appears a culture of silence amongst us where anybody who does not share or endorse Mahama’s bid is either pigeonholed, attacked or tagged as anti NDC.
The fact is that Mahama is the most  marketed and best placed person to lead the party but he remains the biggest threat to the victory, unity, growth and survival of the party. Mahama has left this party more divided than before. The man himself appeared to have angered a lot of people  within with his poor human relations and  leadership style and till date shows no sign of improved way of dealing with party men and women. His minions who caused many to be angry, hungry, separated the party from government continue to hoover around him leaving many worried if he is given another chance to lead the party.
Mahama since we lost hasn’t shown for one moment that he is a changed person for putting the party in the state it is now in the political doldrums. Not for once and I will explain. When John Mahama met his former appointees he defended these minions who caused the party to be where it is today and defended his own actions and inactions as well. What he did, did not show any sign of remorse. Mahama and his hangers on have thrown away party structures with senior party executives, MP’s misbehaving with such impunity, alacrity and lawlessness. Few weeks ago, we heard and read that, all ten regional party chairmen endorsed Mahama when nominations have not been opened. This is lawlessness and disrespect for party structures. Before that, we also saw NDC MP’s visits John Mahama in his house. The party’s National Executives Council have subtly endorsed and working for the candidature of John Mahama at a time the focus  is on reorganisation of the party.
The party is currently caught up in a web.
One, John Mahama “may” win next year’s NDC’s primaries but “cannot” win the 2020 General elections.
Two, Joshua Alabi “may” or “may not” win 2020 but there is hope that he can take the NDC to win two terms instead of a one term with Mahama.
As a party we have to choose between these two decisions and be ready to live by the consequences.
As NDC activist and a lover of John Mahama given the chance I will choose the latter over the former. Joshua Alabi will make a better President given his pedigree, depth and appreciation than Mahama.
Professor Joshua Alabi has become an household name  at the corridors of academia and professionals. He is a distinguished Ghanaian professor. He is also a Russian trained Industrial economist.
The renowned Professor is jockeying to be become the NDC candidate in the next primaries and clearly has unmatched attributes that puts him in pole position to take power from the current Akufo Addo’s government and here are the reasons.
Clearly the political dynamics are fast changing and  one’s ability to adapt to the changing political environment could perform magic for any political organisation in this part of our world.
The NDC lost more 7 seats in Greater Accra, 12 seats in Central Region, about 15 in the 3 Northern regions, a couple of seats in the Volta region with Mahama leading the charge and with all the incumbency advantage. In these regions our votes margin significantly dipped to incredible level. There is no way NDC can take back all these seats and improve upon its fortunes with Mahama as the candidate. There is no way NDC can win power with John Mahama as candidate. It is just not  possible. Joshua Alabi is our saviour and best bet in this regard. He comes from  the ewe, northern and Ga enclaves and very much likely to take back those seat with ease. Not only that, Joshua also schooled, lived and have strong camaraderie with the Northern region. He can pull a very big surprise as the people are disappointed in their own son Mahama for doing very little or nothing to improve their well being and welfare.
It is a fact that, in the last election many in the academia fraternity particularly nurses and teachers from the basic to the tertiary level voted against the NDC. The reasons amongst others was the cancellation of nurses and teachers allowances as well as the replacement of the book and research allowances with research fund. Beyond the fact that, this was done with good intent, i feel that, it was a lazy way of solving a genuine problem.
Joshua as a teacher and a professional will bring back hope to this fraternity and better manage their affairs with respect, decorum and civility unlike Mahama who said he won’t restore the allowances even if they will vote against him.
Undoubtedly, its very clear that our loss in 2016 hinged on cracks Mahama created. Today it evidently clear that, there are cracks, division, and crisis more than before. The NDC now is more divided with Mahama and less divided with another person say Joshua Alabi. The pushing of Mahama as the candidate will mean entrenching the positions of these arrogant Mahama hangers on. It will also mean that, the party will remain more divided than it is today.
Joshua Alabi appeals to the Rawlingses; appeals to the Ahowis and also can attract the Mahama’s base with ease. John Mahama on the other  hand is not in the good books of the Rawlingses and the Ahowis and cannot attract persons from these quarters. Whether we like it or not the Rawlings’ have a huge constituency and avoiding him may damage the party’s electoral fortunes in 2020 elections and beyond.
I have always held the view that, managing a business organization is just like managing a country. If you are successful in your endeavour to manage a business then, its automatic that you can manage a country successfully. You can ask any management mogul and he will tell you what I am telling you.
Joshua Alabi has proven to be a better manager and has successfully managed a business organisation like the University of Professional Studies ( UPSA). His tangible records at the University are  there for everybody to see. I personally saw how IPS was like and what it is today. All the short buildings, sheds which served as classrooms, poor infrastructure have all been replaced with huge buildings to serve as lecture halls, office complex, modern library, recreational centre, modern mosque. All these happened under one man as rector, as Pro Vice chancellor and as chancellor of this prestigious University.
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