Chief Warns: Stop Using “Development Queen Mother’s Titles” For Private Businesses

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The Acting Chief of Abola Piam Farmily of the Ga state, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka

The Acting Chief of Abola Piam Farmily of the Ga state, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka has sent a sporadic warning to the development queen mothers to desist from using the title for their parochial interest.

According to the traditional leader, some development queens would come and get the title and afterwards they go doing business to enrich themselves.

He explained that these titles are given to them to bring development to the localities they represent but they turn to do different thing.

Nii Oyanka, who is been interviewed by the Managing Editor of Ghanaian Democrat, Mr. Iddrissu Abubakari Jara on why some development queen mother’s misuse their titles.

According to Nii Anumle Oyanka his investigations have revealed that some queen mothers are luring investors, diverting investor cash to their individual businesses.

“Some communities are very deprived, these people would come with strong vision to develop the area but do differently when they are  given titles to represent the local people wherever they go”, he added.

“Why would you go and take money meant for the development of an area for yourselves and the people would continue to wallow in poverty?” he quizzes.

The Abola Piam Acting Mantse threatens to expose some of the dealings of the queen mothers’ if they continue to behave in that manner.

He outlined that press conferences, demonstrations and petitions would be organized and issued to distool some corrupt queen mothers and subsequently prosecute them in the competent court of jurisdiction.

He called on chiefs and traditional leaders to ensure proper background checks are conducted before installing someone as development queen mother.


By: Iddrissu A. Jara

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