CAC Slams Telcos, Multichoice

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Consumer Advocacy Center has taken a swipe at telecommunication industries and the management of DSTV, Multichoice Ghana for rendering poor services to the Ghanaians populace.

A survey conducted by the center shows that telcos do call forwarding with feeding their clients with the necessary information on why those calls have been forwarded and it means by the call forwarding.

Speaking on World Consumer Day celebration in Ghana over the week, the President of the Center, Prof. Goski Alabi in a statement suspect illegality been executed by certain companies or individuals for their gains.

She explained that subscribers of DSTV in Ghana pay higher subscription fee than their Nigerian counterparts with same information.

She therefore called on the state authorities to investigate in the operations of telcos industries in the country namely Tigo/Airtel, Mtn and Voda Fon Ghana.


World Consumer Rights Day:

Consumer Advocacy Centre Calls on Ghanaian Telecos To Explain Call Forwarding Signals and Multichoice Africa To Explain Variation In The Price of DSTV Services In Ghana and Nigeria


In marking this year’s World Consumers Rights Day, the Consumer Advocacy Centre (CAC) in Ghana calls on the telecommunication companies in Ghana to explain to the general public, the feedback that consumers receive on their phones when they dial *#61#. By a research conducted by CAC we found out that a large number of Ghanaian mobile phone users receive ‘Call Forwarded, Data Sync, Video Forwarded’, etc to strange numbers when they dial *#61# on their phobes. Few others we captured in our survey had ‘Call Not Forwarded’.

The CAC demands answers from the Ghanaian Telecos because we consider this as an exercise of consumers’ right to information, a cardinal principle which we hope the telecommunication companies in Ghana will not take for granted. Consumers need to know the meaning of such arrangements done on their behalf by the service providers.


Again we use this opportunity to call on Multichoice Ghana to explain to the Ghanaian consumer as to why DSTV charges are expensive in Ghana than that of Nigeria. Comparing DSTV Premium charges between the two countries, we found out that whilst Nigerian consumers pay 14, 700 (Naira), {equivalent of 190 Ghanaian Cedis}, the Ghanaian consumer is charged 330 Ghanaian Cedis for the same service. This discrepancy in the price of DSTV must be explained to the Ghanaian consumer who obviously feels cheated.


(President, CAC)



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