A national cathedral alien to our culture – Afrikania Mission

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Head of the Afrikania Mission in Ghana, His Holiness Osofo Komfo Atsu Kove

Members of the Afrikania Mission in Ghana have expressed their misgivings towards the construction of a national cathedral by the Nana Addo led government with support from the Christian community in the country.

The cathedral, which is part of the many projects outlined in accordance with the celebration of Ghana’s diamond jubilee, is expected to serve as a national place of worship and a place to hold important religious ceremonies.

But since the cutting of sod for the project and unveiling of its design, many have questioned its relevance and possible contribution to the economic development and growth of the country.

The assertion led to President Akufo-Addo reiterating earlier comments that government was not responsible for the funding of the project.

But addressing a press conference today, Head of the Afrikania Mission in Ghana, His Holiness Osofo Komfo Atsu Kove described the initiative as alien to the African culture.

According to him, it was important for leaders in the country to get their priorities straight so major concerns in the field of education and health can be addressed than wasting resources on a cathedral.

He further alleged that the project will sideline the main religion of the country which is traditional worship.

“Ghana needs schools, hospitals, and factories to create jobs for our youth, not a national cathedral. Building a national cathedral instead of schools for our children who are having classes under trees is just ridiculous and an insult to the intelligence of the black race.

Afrikania Mission condemns this new form of colonialism. Cathedral is alien to Africans because of the name and the motive but the concept is good in the long term. Church is attributed to Christians and Ghana is not a Christian land; where ancestors, histories, meals, clothes, cultures and practices of foreigners are venerated to the detriment of our indigenous rich valor and practices.”

On his part, the National Youth Chairman for the Mission, Fafafe Agbodzi-Sewornu urged the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Kofi Dzamesi to concentrate on resolving chieftaincy disputes and traditional conflicts rather than organizing pilgrims for Christians.

“Chieftaincy institutions when handled well can catalyze the development agenda of government and not the current way politicians have reduced chiefs to just decorative materials at state functions.

We are instructing government to stop funding so called Christian pilgrims to flock to other countries they consider holy. How is Ghana portrayed if Ghanaians enplane to Israel, Mecca etc with the notion that they are going to a holy land? It’s completely awkward, denigrating and insulting.”

Afrikania Mission is a Neo-Traditional Movement established in Ghana in 1982 by a former Catholic Priest, Kwabena Damuah who resigned from the church. The Mission aims to reform and update African traditional religion, and promote nationalism and Pan-Africanism.


Source: Ghanaweb

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