5 important fruits Ghanaians love but call wrongly

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It has never been a habit as Ghanaians to eat fruits. Although a few people take this seriously, the number of people who eat it versus those who don’t are just incomparable. Eating fruits occasionally is one thing and making it a habit is another. Whatever the case may be, the facts still remain that fruits are very important foods for our growth and development as humans. People who eat fruits often have a reduced risk of chronic diseases and fruits double up as important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. In Ghana, many fruits come along with some interesting names and we grow up knowing only these names. However, you may be surprised to know that a vast majority of those who enjoy these fruits barely know their actual names. Calling them by their local popular names may not be wrong but knowing their English names makes us more knowledgeable. You never know where you may need that information. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading food delivery experts looks at 5 fruits Ghanaians love and their English names.

‘’Aluguintuguin’’ – Soursop

First up, let’s talk about this very popular fruit we call ‘’aluguintuguin’’. Sounds hilarious if you are not a Ghanaian right? Such is the feeling when you taste it as well. Sumptuous and very nutritious, this fruit is high in vitamin C and has been found to help cure cancer. The actual English name of this fruit is ‘SOURSOP’. Other health benefits of the fruit include treatment of back pain, treatment of Eczema and Rheumatism, treatment of Diabetes,boosts the immune system, prevents infections and treatment of boils

‘’Yooyi’’ – Velvet Tamarind

Another fruit Ghanaians love so much and is one of the children’s favorites. ‘’Yooyi’’ is seasonal and often people anticipate it’s arrival. It has so many health benefits and is an important fruit especially because it has an ability to inhibit the growth of plasmodium falciparum which is the main cause of malaria. In a country that is fighting this serious killer of a disease, the fruit is just so special not only for the taste and nutrition. The fruit has astringent action which is able to check the excessive discharge of body fluid such as diarrhea. Did you know that the English name of this fruit is VELVET TAMARIND? This makes you just love ‘yooyi’ even more now, right?

“Alasa” – African Star Fruit

There you go with another popular fruit in Ghana. The fruit that gives mixed taste feelings. You enjoy it for its sourness and sweetness at the same time. The seeds are often used to play games and the whole fruit is just delicious. Another one of the seasonal fruits, ‘’Alasa’’ is rich in nutrients and come with many health benefits.It is a great source of calcium which is good for strong bones and teeth. It boosts the immune system and is a natural remedy for sore throats, toothaches and constipation. ‘’Alasa’’ helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. If you have been calling this fruit ‘’Alasa’’ because you didn’t know it’s English name, there you go. It is called the AFRICAN STAR FRUIT.


‘’Abrofo Nkate3’’ – Tropical Almond

What a fruit this fruit has been and still is to Ghanaians. Children loved the fruit but hated the leaves because they would fall all over the place giving the kids some work to do. It grows kindly in almost every location and is widespread in many homes across the country. It is a rich source of protein and amino acids. ‘’Abrofo Nkate3’’ can be enjoyed as a fresh fruit. It’s shellis often cracked for the edible seed to be consumed raw. The seed can be eaten alone or used for preparing fruit salads, smoothies or for garnishing dishes. Oil can also be extracted from the dried nuts, which can be used for cooking. ‘’Abrofo Nkate3’’ is called TROPICAL ALMOND in English.

‘’Aguava’’ – Guava

They are believed to have originated from Mexico or Central America. The tree that got many kids beaten. In the past children loved to either climb the “Aguava’’ tree or throw objects to drop down the fruits. It was a fun experience until someone got hit by a stray stone or another fell from a tree. Why was it so attractive and important? Aside it’s taste and appealing nature, ‘’Aguava’’ is a very nutritious fruit with many health benefits. ‘’Aguava’’ has a high shelf life meaning that it can be kept for a long time without the use of preservatives unlike the other exotic fruits such as grapes and apples. It is a great source of energy, dietary fibre and vitamins. It also helps prevent cancer, contains antioxidant properties and helps to regulate blood pressure. Have you had ‘’Aguava’’ lately? You definitely should. By the way, you can stop calling it by that name, it’s original English name is GUAVA.


Credit : Jumia Food Ghana


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