Youth Threatened to Close Down Maamobi General Hospital over Negligence

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Youth within Nima-Maamobi areas have threatened to close down Maamobi General Hospital in Accra over increasing negligence on the part of doctors and nurses working there.
According to the youth, both doctors and nurses are not taken their work seriously hence the need to  lock up the facility until government brings in new staff to man the facility.
Some of the youth who expressed their grievances to the indicated that doctors report to the facility very late leaving patients to their fate resulting in unnecessary deaths and miscarriages on the part of pregnant women who come to the hospital.
According to them, doctors have their private clinic and disregard patients who come to the public facilities.
“I lost two of my babies because there was no doctor to attend to me, I was asked to sleep on a bench whiles I was in labour suffering throughout the night,” one victim said.
Meanwhile, checks at the general Hospital in recent times shows that doctors have  not reported to the facility as at 8:00pm.
Checks from the hospital registry was unsuccessful as  all offices were locked and the only office that was in operation at that time was the Health Insurance office which was seeing to patients health records and dolling out hospital cards. can report that during its numerous visits to the facility to ascertain the true fact of the story saw patients waiting at the Out Patient Department (OPD) without doctors attending to them.

This portal can report on authority that health workers at the facility have no respect for patients and are major contributors  to unnecessary deaths that is occurring due to their negligence.


Story: GD News Desk

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