Police Boss in Land Grabbing Business

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The Greater Accra Operations Commander of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwesi Fori has been accused of siding with land guards and some uscruplous individuals to acquire lands in the region.

One of the troubling cases in the region that has become national issue and the police officers who are suppose to see to the enforcement of law and order, are rather the ones doing the worse to the land owners.

The chief and elders of Abola Piam of James Town ,a suburb of  Accra have boldly called on the President and the Police Council to call the regional operations commander Mr. Kwesi Fori to order.

According to the chief and elders, the Chief Executive Officer of West Africa Décor Tiles company Limited, Mr. Frank Owusu has illegally acquired one and half acre of land belonging to the family from an unknown person and has already started  developing on the plot of land.

According to the Chief of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality who doubles as the ambassador for Abola Piam stool of James Town, Nii Ayite Anumle Oyanka, when Mr. Frank Owusu started developing on the land they reported it to the police Property Fraud Office to intervene.

He said Frank Owusu always visit the site in a company of police operations team which the operations commander ACP Kwesi Fori was aware.

Briefing newsmen, the chief added that  the Property Fraud Office invited both parties to their office only for  Mr. Owusu to shuned their invitation despite several requests and attempts by the police to sit him down failed.

Due to the nature of  the case, he explained that the issue was sent to the regional commander who invited both parties including Kwesi Fori who deployed his men to give protection to the contractor developing the land for Mr owusu.

Mr. kwesi Fori, who has just been promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police ( ACP) is said to have been meddling in land cases that needed to be handled by the Property Fraud Office of the Ghana Police Service.

Several complaints emanating from various parts of the region in respect to land guard issues, finger’s the police chief as  trying to use his men to give backing to the land guards to operate freely.

Most of the victims of land guards menace in Accra who gave accounts to what happened to them accused the Ghana Police of siding with land guards and watching unconcerned as innocent people are being brutalized by these armed men.

Meanwhile, the youth of the area have threatened to protect their lands if the police can’t give them protection.

They called on the Police Council, the President and the national security to intervene and stop Mr. Frank Owusu of West Africa Décor Tiles Company from further developing on the land located at Pobiman tollbooth in the Ga West Municipality.

The chief and his elders also warned that if their call fell on deaf ears, they would be forced to take the laws into their own hands.

Source – GD Reporter

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