Media Practitioners Educated On Nuclear Power

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Ghana  Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) has organized a workshop for the media to educate them on how the nuclear power will be a benefit to our country Ghana. The program was held at the   Ambassador  Hotel (mõvin pick).
With challenges,  some Ghanaians lack knowledge  about nuclear technology  and the general fear is about risk  associated with the nuclear.
Nuclear technologies  provide  access to the latest nuclear  medicine  development that aid to fight  cancer and serious cardiovascular disease.
During interaction with the media , Dr. Robert B. M.  Sogbadji  who  is the  Deputy Director of Nuclear  and Alternative  Energy  at the Ministry of Energy,  said  nuclear power  will  help the country to reduce the cost of electricity in the country, he then said  nuclear power is less expensive.
Nuclear power is energy which is  going to last for hundred years (100) and it is less expensive.
By:  Beauty Etornam Amedzotsi Agama

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