Creation of Oti Region is Purely Administrative – Kete Chief

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The Chief of Kete, Major Abu Safiano Baba (RTD), has said that the creation of Oti Region is purely for administrative purposes and has nothing to give political advantage to any political power.

“The creation of regions is for administrative purposes and has nothing to do with traditional boundaries, in any case, they know very well that no single chief in the Oti enclave owes allegiance to any other chief in the south of the Volta Region” he said.

Major Safiano said, contrary to claims made by naysayers against the creation of the Oti Region which separates Northern Volta from the Volta Region that the creation will bring ethnical and tribal conflicts, it will rather promote development and growth.

According to him, the anti-Oti agenda pushers are now blaming the NPP government for advancing their political motive through creation of new regions.

He cited names of some prominent people from Southern Volta who have made derogatory statements about the creation of the new region.

“Rev. S.S Agidi, the Moderator of the E.P church have openly declared his opposition for the creation of the proposed Oti Region describing the move as recipe for chaos and tribal conflict, also Goviafe Chief is heard to have said that the Ashantis were behind the Oti agenda” he said.

“They pretend to be unaware of the fact that people within the Oti enclave had by themselves sent countless petitions to the president thereby triggering the constitutional processes of Article 5” he disclosed. The Kete Chief said, all groups or individuals who feel the constitution of Ghana has been breached in anyway should channel their grief to the law court.

Major Abu Safiano Baba (RTD) who was speaking at a press conference in Accra on Wednesday added that “We the people of Kete in Oti enclave are challenging our colleagues from southern Volta who claim to have issues with the creation to tell Ghanaians which of the constitutional provisions of the Article 5 have been breached” he dared.

“We the people of respect Togbe Afede and his positions but that does not make us subjects to anybody” he noted

Togbe Afede has been one of the people strongly against the creation of the Oti Region. This according to Baba is largely because Togbe Afede feels the committee of enquiry did not do a consultative work.


By: Iddrissu A. Jara

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