Buhari vows to end Boko Haram insurgency

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President Buhari of Nigeria

Nigeria is committed to ending attacks by militant Islamists in the north-east of the country and making the region “safe for all”, President Muhammadu Buhari has said in his speech marking the 58th anniversary of independence from British rule.

He said that it was “a day of celebration and solemn reflection”.

He paid tribute to the victims of militant group Boko Haram and praised the armed forces for “working under the most difficult conditions”.

“We know that the goals of the Boko Haram terrorists include capturing territories, destroying our democracy and denying our children the right to education. We will not allow them to succeed,” he vowed.

Mr. Buhari, who is seeking re-election next year, also spoke of how his administration is tackling environmental pollution, corruption, and the economic crisis.

“Developing a thriving democracy is not an easy task. There can be no quick fixes or short cuts. These are the most important lessons that we have learnt in our 58 years as an independent nation,” he said.

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For many millennials, Adiche’s novel was their first exposure to events surrounding the civil war and the campaign for the independent state of Biafra in fiction.

How to be a Nigerian by Peter Enahoro

The title of this book sums it up. Through his words and humour, Enahoro captures the conduct and characteristics of Nigerians in different scenarios.

A Platter of Gold by Olasupo Shashore

It tells the story of how Nigeria came to be. It also explores the colonial and pre-independence history of the country.

The Trouble with Nigeria by Chinua Achebe

Published in 1983, the book raises serious questions about leadership. Achebe explores ethnicity, patriotism and corruption.

There Was A Country by Chinua Achebe

This story is a powerful documentation of the coming of age of Nigeria, the experience of the civil war and its effects. Achebe writes about his experience during the civil war and his understanding of the effects.

The Complete Nigerian by Peter Enahoro

An observation of the peculiarities of Nigerian men and women.


Source: bbc.com

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